Frequently Asked Questions

What is the club purpose? - To stimulate interest in collecting, restoring, preserving, and exhibiting gasoline and oil engines, gas/diesel and steam tractors, power driven farm machinery and any other equipment of historical value.

Do I have to own a tractor or engine to be a member? - No, we only ask that you have an interest in our charter, and participate to your ability.

Are my dues tax deductible? - Yes, we are a 501(c)3 corporation.

How do I become a member? - Click on the Membership Application link below, and proceed.

Is this a mens only group? - By no means. We have husband and wife teams, singles, and youth.

Can I get information and help restoring my antique? - Yes, that is a common benefit of membership.

How often are the meetings? - Currently we are meeting the first wednesday evening of each month. See our newsletter for the latest information.

Membership Application - click here

Event Participation

If you would like Early Day Tractor & Iron to participate at your event, please contact
Paul Dunn at or call 760-956-6460.